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Lawyers in the AsiaBridgeLaw network have expertise in the following practice areas:


Dispute Resolution - Due Diligence - Intellectual Property Registration - Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) - General Counsel - Labor Law - International Trade - Human Resources - Real Estate Crisis Management - Debt Collection - Family Law - Estate Planning & Other Areas


Most Requested Services at AsiaBridgeLaw


Dispute Resolution

Has an Asia company broken their contracts or caused you financial loss? AsiaBridge uses diplomacy, demand letters, litigation & other means to recover funds and gain compensation for our clients. Here is an overview of the process.

Rate Sheet

It’s now affordable to retain an Asia-based lawyer to support your business in areas such as international trade, foreign direct investment and regulatory compliance. The General Counsel service is invoiced as a block of time and starts at just a few 100 USD. Learn more here.

Intellectual Property

AsiaBridge helps clients register, monitor, protect & enforce their IP rights in Asia. We offer fast, affordable & effective means of registering trademarks and patents in China. China is a “first-to-register” rather than “first-to-market” system. Let’s get your ideas protected before your suppliers and competitors beat you to the patent office! Read all about it here.


ABL leverages scale to offer clients a lower rate than if the client was invoiced direct from the local lawyers, while providing a superior customer service experience.

ABL Legal Services China Fees
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