We all know we must register our trademark in China to get any legal protection. But what specific protection can be expected? According to the revised Trademark Law, there are three kinds in total:

1. Trademark. It’s not allowed to use the same or similar sign with a registered trademark in the same or similar products. By use, we mean manufacture as well as sell.

2. Trade name or company name. The revised Trademark Law also makes it clear that the Anti-Unfair Competition law will be applied if any company uses a registered trademark, or a well-known unregistered trademark as its trade name and causes public confusion. It means using other’s trademarks in company name may be restrained.

3. Domain name. Using the same or similar registered trademark to be the domain name and go in for e-commerce of related goods is also forbidden.

In conclusion, if you’re registering your trademark in China, you cannot only stop others to use the same or similar sign in their products, but also stop others to use the same or similar words in their company name or domain name.