Prototyping and Product Development Dangers in China

Prototyping and Product Development

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Here is how we answered a question about building prototypes and launching test order from China, but the answer is applicable to a wide range of products, so I decided to blog about the Q&A.


I need a supplier and manufacturer to provide my product. If I make a prototype of it, could global sources make it? Just trying to understand the dynamics. Launching my product will sell large quantities and I cannot make it all myself. I have contacted some suppliers however I need something cohesive. So customers can purchase on my site without hassle. Any info is appreciated. Thank you..


Mike’s Reply: 

www.Global, at its most basic level, is a platform where buyers and sellers can meet up. So Global Sources can’t make the product, but there is most likely a supplier on the platform that can help. When you say “I need something cohesive” I interpret that to mean that you need a physical prototype or perhaps a small test batch in hand that you can use for marketing.  I wrote an entire book ( on that very process but here are two important things to think long and hard about before you rush to have a supplier make a finished product:

  1.     Who owns the intellectual property?  The moment you start asking suppliers to help you design something, is the moment you may lose control of your own idea and that supplier quickly becomes your competitor!  Luckily, it’s fairly easy to register IP and/or set up NNN agreements with potential vendors. 
  2.     Know your pricing and nail down your QC before you start taking orders for your customers.  If you mess up the first order, it will be hard to get those customers back. So spend time on a small test order and/or prototypes and make sure you have all your costs from production to logistics to project management nailed down tight in advance of taking any orders.


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