How to find and verify a supplier in China

Here is how we answered a question about how to find and verify for a Chinese supplier for a potential European client. As the answer is applicable to a wide range of products, I decided to blog about the Q&A.

How to find and verify a supplier in China

Question about finding a supplier in China

Does your company provide recommendation on reputable companies for purchase of medical machines in China?

Mike’s Short Answer:

Thanks for your email. I am afraid we don’t find suppliers for you, but if you have a list of 1 or more potential suppliers, we can certainly conduct the due diligence to confirm they are legit, and set up the contracts to keep you safe.

Glad to help!

For more Information about finding and managing suppliers in China

Based on your question, I think you would be an ideal candidate to benefit from taking 15 minutes to watch this video tutorial I put together:

Mini-Course Snapshot

If you are interested, reach out to me via and I’ll hook you up with the free access codes to watch this tutorial.

Glad to help!

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