Bilingual Contract Templates & Customization

Bilingual Contracts

Most people realize the importance of having a contract when doing business in Asia. But you may have questions about jurisdiction, penalty clauses, official language of the document, use of “chops” and such.

The team at AsiaBridge Law specializes in structuring effective (and affordable!) bilingual contracts that protect our clients’ interests yet respect their business partners in China & Asia.

Here are some of our most requested contract templates:

Bilingual Purchase Order (PO) Template:  PO is a fairly simple, but very important document. Usually 1 page covering who is buying what, when, under which payment terms.

Bilingual Purchase Contract (PC) Template: The PC supports the PO by defining the expectations of the buyer in terms of the general relationship with the seller. This may include codes of conduct, quality terms, warranty, tooling/mold issue and more.  The PC is sometimes referred to as a “Purchase Agreement”, “OEM Agreement” or “Supplier Contract”.

Bilingual NNN Template: Non-Disclosure Non-Usage Non-Compete Agreement (NNN)

Bilingual Employment Contract (EC) Template

Bilingual Distributorship Agreements (DA) Template

Many other contract templates are available upon request.

Bilingual contract templates are purchased by the client in conjunction with a block “General Counsel” (GC) time. The GC is used to customize and translate the given bilingual templates based on the exact needs of the client. The templates are not available for purchase as stand alone items. A 10 hour block of GC is recommended for standard projects but a 4 hour block may be sufficient for small projects. Download the rate sheet via the “contact us” page for details.

China Contracts: Resources & Tutorials

In conjunction with the China Sourcing Academy, members of the AsiaBridge Law advisory board have created a series of short video tutorials.  These videos are open to the public and hosted on our YouTube Channel.

Topics covered:

  • Inside look at the courts- An American in China
  • Domestic vs International Contracts
  • Getting the supplier to give a $%#@
  • Contract Essentials
  • Jurisdiction
  • Chop vs Signature
  • How to find a good lawyer in China
  • Penalty Clauses
  • Official language & so-called verified suppliers
  • Liability & Compliance

Bilingual Contracts with AsiaBridge Law

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