Business Advisory Services in Asia

Business Advisory Services

Are you looking for Business Advisory Services in Asia? AsiaBridge Law’s Business Advisory Services can be provided in conjunction with legal services or as a stand-alone service.


How does the consulting work integrate with the legal services provided by AsiaBridge Law?

Our consultants serve as business advisors rather than legal counsel.   The primary role of the lawyer, from the perspective of the business advisory services, is to ensure that the strategies and tactics developed by business advisor are legally sound under Chinese law and that documentation required to execute the strategy is properly prepared and, where necessary, filed and approved.

For example, our consultants may be retained to offer advice on the client’s general business relationship with their Chinese partner.  The consultant may stress the importance of setting up a certain contract to protect the interests of the client. Legal Counsel (offered by AsiaBridge Law or other firm appointed by the client) would take the lead on drafting the specific terms and conditions of the contract based on the strategy put forth by the Consultant.

Meet our Senior Business Advisors on China Issues

MB At FBA Conf 2016Michael J. Bellamy

Originally from Upstate New York, Mike moved to Asia in 1993 and is a China business advisor to both Fortune 500 companies and small businesses.  Recognized as an expert on doing business in China, he has been interviewed by WSJ, CNBC, FT & Bloomberg.

A featured presenter on China issues at seminars, trade shows and corporate events across the globe, Mike is the author of “The Essential Reference Guide to China Sourcing” (available on Amazon). The courses he teaches at the China Sourcing Academy substantially expand upon concepts introduced in his guide book.

Mike founded a boutique sourcing agency in China with 1 employee and 1 client back in 2002.  On behalf of his clients at the PassageMaker Group, Mike was responsible for a 200 million USD supply chain (per annum, during a recent busy year) of goods flowing from China to the world.Media Logos

He received a double degree in Diplomacy and Economics from the American University in Washington DC and went on to gain an International MBA from the University of South Carolina. Mike spent two years as a Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholar researching Japanese factory management and quality control in Tokyo and Osaka.

Mike studied Chinese for a number of years in Harbin and Beijing in the 1990’s. He currently spends Spring/Fall in Shenzhen, Winters in Thailand and Summers at the family cottage in the Finger Lakes region of New York State.  Mike is married and has two daughters.

Areas of expertise:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Enterprise Management in China
  • Business Formation (WFOE, JV & other structures)
  • VAT, Transfer Pricing & Global Tax Strategies
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Negotiations
  • Cross Cultural Communications
  • Sourcing & Supply Chain Management
  • China Sales & Distribution

How to engage Business Advisory Services?

Option 1:  Book Mike’s support for a block of time (see rate sheet).

Option 2: Consider appointing  Mike to your board of advisors if you are looking for long term support.

Brian Garvin

Based in China since 2003, Brian brings 25 years of engineering, project management and product development experience to the AsiaBridge business advisory team.

While Brian and Mike are both Senior Advisors at AsiaBridge, Brian is based full-time in China and takes point on projects that require hand’s on involvement on the ground in Asia.

Career highlights include:

  • Running his own sourcing agency.
  • Leading a team of 40 Chinese engineers while employed by a German supplier to Apple.
  • Serving as a director, alongside Mike Bellamy, at PassageMaker Sourcing Solutions for over a decade.

In addition to China business savvy, he has deep product experience with custom-designed products, including injected plastics, fabricated metals & electronic components.

Brian has made a career out of helping clients achieve cost reductions while maintaining product quality and ensuring intellectual property is not compromised. He is a sought-after speaker at business functions and trade shows in HK, China, Australia and the USA.

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A word from Mike, in his own words, about Advisory Board Positions (option 2):

Thank you for your interest in working together.

For your reference, I have held China advisory board positions with a select number of leading companies in their industries. Including, but not limited to:

I enjoy serving as a board member for a handful of clients than being a service provider to large group.  It’s exciting to dial into the inner workings of a company at the global/corporate level and have an impact on their bottom line in terms of not only the China operation but maximizing their global strategy when possible.

While your product lines are probably different from the companies above, most likely you are facing similar challenges and I am happy to state that as a board member I provide a direct, measurable, positive impact on the bottom line of the companies I have had the pleasure of serving.

My compensation from these companies was a mix of fixed retainer, profit share or equity.  I’m open to an arrangement that is comfortable for you, but I hope it can be long-term where our interests are aligned.

China expert?

I don’t claim to be a China expert on all aspects of business. But after 20 years living in Asia, I have made a ton of mistakes and learned a bunch of best practices. So I may not know everything, but I certainly know enough to have an impact on your business.  And if I can’t answer a specific question, I know where to look for an answer.


In the interest of total transparency, I would also like be open about my availability. While I am available for board meetings, consulting and troubleshooting on a regular basis regardless of where I am in the world, I do travel a lot and divide my time between offices in China, Thailand and USA.    I mention these things because if you are looking for somebody that is based in your China office, obviously that wouldn’t work.  But if you are looking for somebody that can help you solve your problems as a trusted advisor while periodically visiting your operations around the world…then I’m your guy!

As there are only 24 hours in a day, I try to limit my advisory board memberships to just a handful of companies at any given time.

How to get started?

Check me out on LinkedIn and reach out to me via the “contact us” page.  I’ll set up a call at your convenience to visit about this opportunity and make sure it’s a good fit for both parties.

I thank you for this opportunity and look forward to being of service!

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