Client Testimonials

Given the sensitive nature of most cases, we are grateful to the clients  who have graciously offered the following testimonials and allowed us to share their identities. 

Austrailia Flag - Bridge to Asia Law

"I need to give ABL a big 'thank you very much'! ABL did a great job for me. They assisted me by getting a refund for faulty air conditioners from a Chinese supplier. What I most liked about ABL is their very professional and fast communication by email. They will act instantly and are always happy to answer your queries. All in all, a very professional organization. Certainly recommended if you have any problems with Chinese suppliers!"

Hendrik B.
Australian [Retained ABL for Demand Letter Service]

Derek P. USA, Retained AsiaBridge Law for Contract Drafting & Customization“Working with Asia Bridge Law has been a real pleasure. They’re fast, responsive, and gave us great legal advice. Before signing with ABL, we contacted a few other law firms and found them all to be extremely expensive. ABL gave us the kind of legal counsel we were looking for, at a price we could afford as a startup. I’d 100% recommend any other businesses manufacturing in China to work with Asia Bridge Law.”

Derek P.
USA [Retained ABL for Contract Drafting & Customization]

Dave F - Accenture - Client Testimonial"From his support of AsiaBridge Law to his volunteer work with the China Sourcing Information Center (CSIC), Mike has spent his career deciphering the complexities of Asia. He is a tremendous resource when it comes to all things China, and genuinely wishes to share his knowledge, as seen from his tremendous commitment as a founder of CSIC. Mike is an excellent colleague and mentor, and I highly recommend any company he is associated with."

Dave F.
Senior Consultant at AccentureUSA

India Flag - Retained ABL for due diligence on a Chinese company, India“Thanks for your support to understand the financial status of the target  company. It allowed us to negotiate a resolution to our dispute with our Chinese supplier and our items have been recovered.”

John T.
India [Retained ABL for due diligence on a Chinese company, Red Flag Assessment]

David L - Global Nomad - Client Testimonial"Mike and the team at AsiaBridge Law have encyclopedic knowledge of China biz in general and sourcing/mfg. in particular have been instrumental in helping the companies he is associated with to grow, and invaluable in my personal development as well, as we were co-workers at one time. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone who’s looking to do business in China."

David L.
Global Nomad

Britain Flag (UK) -  Retained AsiaBridge Law for Contract Drafting & Customization“I contacted Asia Bridge Law because I needed a bespoke supplier agreement written up. I found their service prompt and very professional. Many revisions had to be made and Mike and his team ensured that all bases were covered in terms of making sure my company will be fully protected when making purchases of high value.

Their fees are very reasonable compared to other lawyers that I contacted. I would highly recommend Asia Bridge Law.

Andrew R.
UK [Retained ABL for Contract Drafting & Customization]

Chile Flag - Bridge to Asia Law - Client Testimonials

"My experience with ABL was truly remarkable. When I first was directed to this company I was nervous it could be another fraud. However, their professionalism gave me confidence right away. Specifically, they immediately sent a structured out and completely transparent legal strategy document that presented all the alternatives for me to analyze based on budget and the circumstances. During the entire process, they were very quick to answer by email which is essential for the long term and long distance alliances. Finally, they went out of their way and did more than what was written on paper to help me win the case and obtain my money as smoothly and as fast as possible. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone."

Peter V.

USA Flag - Bilingual Contract - We realized we needed a non-disclosure agreement drafted in Chinese. “Working with ABL was very fast and easy. We were able to reach an agreement quickly with another party in China. Communication was great. Would definitely recommend working with ABL.”

Kyle C.
USA [Trademark Registration and General Counsel for TM Opposition]

“To Whom It May Concern
This is to notify you of our satisfaction with Asia Bridge Law relating to a recent court case they have handled on our behalf. We found them to be very responsive with solid knowledge of the China legal system. We were fortunate to have been successful in the final result.”

Brian A. and Shaun A.
Singapore [Demand Letter and Court Case]

USA Flag - Bilingual Contract - We realized we needed a non-disclosure agreement drafted in Chinese. “Thank you and thanks to the lawyer for the work done.

I will be in touch if I will need your services again.”


Marco L.
USA [Retained ABL for Contract Customization]

“I had a great professional experience with Asia Bridge Law. I work with Chinese companies overseas and signing agreements with Chinese companies without understanding the Chinese law might be very risky.
By having a Chinese based law firm that could analyze how Chinese companies think and strategize your every legal step really gives you an advantage over working with overseas law firms.
I definitely recommend ABL for any type of company working in China or with Chinese companies in any field or sector.”

Omar Z.
Jordan [Retained ABL for Contract Customization]

David B - Client Testimonial

"I have worked with Mike creating and growing the China Sourcing Information Center. His assistance, knowledge, dedication and enthusiasm have been instrumental to both the CSIC and my career personally. Some people just have the “it” factor. In terms of China Sourcing I’ve not met anyone with more of the “it” factor that is so crucial to being successful here in China. You will not find anyone who will work as hard on your behalf in China as Mike Bellamy will."

David B.

Rodrigo B - Client Testimonial

"I’ve been following Mike’s work for a while and he’s certainly the most experienced professional I’ve ever met when it comes to Sourcing in China. I’m a sourcing agent in the beginning of my career and when I contacted him at the “Ask the experts” area he was very helpful and provided me with some insightful advises that definitely made my work easier. Thanks Mike and I hope you and all the collaborators at ABL can keep up with the good work you’ve been doing."

Rodrigo B.

Chris C - Client Testimonial

"AsiaBridge Law’s Advisory Board Member Mike Bellamy spoke to my class of MBA students when we were in Shenzhen and he did an excellent job. Topics covered included, among other things, sourcing from China and living and working in China. Students were very engaged and they learned a great deal. Mike is a true expert in his field and a personable, high quality person. Our time with him was an excellent way to kick off our trip to China."

Chris C.
Professor of Business Law and Public PolicyUSA

Adam S - Client Testimonial"From sourcing to manufacturing to export and logistics, the ABL team lead by Mike have substantial expertise in perhaps every single step of the China business process. Besides raw knowledge, Mike has a vast array of soft skills includes his Chinese fluency, his ability at managing expectations on both client and supplier sides, and his sales know-how. I would recommend Mike’s team for any consulting position centered around China business, but I feel these talents could easily be transferred to any country or industry where diligence, honesty, and attention to detail are required. I am very proud to have Mike as both a former colleague and friend."

Adam S.

Laurent L - Client Testimonials

I had the chance to join Mike on one of the projects and I learn a lot from him. He is the embodiment of what “multitasking” should be. Even crawling under the work he is still always free and open whenever someone needs his help or advice. Thanks to his knowledge about Chinese business, I strongly believe that working with Mike’s team makes things faster and easier. Honest in life and business, I’m happy to have Mike Bellamy among my contacts.

Laurent L.

IBM - Client Testimonials - The Essential Guide to China Sourcing

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for writing “The Essential Guide to China Sourcing”. Your book had a wealth of knowledge and easy to understand, which I could not find anywhere else until I purchased your book. Highly recommended to anyone who is interested in sourcing from China. In addition, your writing also clearly displays your integrity as a person, and not just another author wanting to sell another copy of their book. You’re a breath of fresh air. All the best Mike.

Cindy C.
IBM Executive

France Flag - Martin L. French, Retained AsiaBridge Law for Business Advisory Services, General Counsel, Litigation and Dispute Resolution“In Shenzhen I was involved in architecture for about 8 years. AsiaBridge Law helped me win a lawsuit against a Chinese architecture company that broke our partnership and owed me money. I should mention that this Chinese company had strong ties with the local Chinese police and government. I must say that the process was swiftly handled by competent lawyers and paralegals. Most importantly, AsiaBridge Law managed well the payment recovery that was made at the last minute. There were able to get funds out of the target company when the freezing of this company’s bank accounts was imminent. Getting a local Chinese to pay his share to a foreigner is not an easy task. AsiaBridge Law managed it well. They kept me well informed of difficulties, expectations and moves during the all process.

Beside, I’ve have known some of the American managers at AsiaBridge for about 13 years. I have been into manufacturing in Shenzhen from 1989 to 2000. I can assure you of their commitment in making sure to secure every opportunity for their many clients.”

Martin L.
FrenchRetained AsiaBridge Law for Business Advisory Services, General Counsel, Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Elena A - Client Testimonial

"I really enjoyed your presentation on China Law and Business, and was impressed at how at ease you were talking about the details of the ins and outs of doing business in China. I very much appreciate the support offered."

Elena A.

USA Flag - Bilingual Contract - We realized we needed a non-disclosure agreement drafted in Chinese. “A few months after we started having our products manufactured in China, we noticed unauthorized counterfeit products popping up on various sales channels. We realized we needed a non-disclosure agreement drafted in Chinese. There was a lot of mixed information out there on the internet about how effective this type of agreement would be in China. After deciding it was worth pursuing, we researched lawyers and picked Asia Bridge Law. Their pricing structure and expertise in this area made getting an agreement, written in Chinese and English, an easy solution to a complex problem. We were able to write up an agreement that covered our intellectual property concerns and our supplier’s concerns. Plus we have now have access to Chinese legal representation should we ever need to enforce the agreement. ABL in general (Mike Bellamy in particular) is our go-to for expertise in the Chinese market. Thanks!”

Rick D.
USAAmerican e-Commerce Company

Britain Flag (UK) - Bridge to Asia Law - Client Testimonials"You have been an invaluable source of information, especially if you are just starting out. Michael has been really helpful and certainly knows what he is talking about. Responses are clear and prompt. Highly recommended. Thanks again."

Daniel W.

Cameron G - Client Testimonial

"I saw Mike speak at a China sourcing fair last month in Miami. His presentation on sourcing in China was spot on. I’ve been working with manufacturers and suppliers in China for years and still learned some great tips. He also provided everyone with great resources. ABL’s Mike would be a great asset for anyone doing business in China."

Cameron G.

Brian G - Client Testimonial

"The team at ABL has seen the good, bad and the ugly of doing business behind the Great Wall of China. They are uncommonly astute at pulling back the curtain to reveal the real story. I would highly recommend them if you have any questions about China law and business!"

Brian G.
USA & China

Tom K - Client Testimonials"Mike is an invaluable resource. He speaks on the topic of sourcing from China in a frank and honest way that can only come from vast experience on the subject. He is also very responsive and is willing to help in any way he can."

Tom K.
Hardware EngineerUSA

Helmut M - Client Testimonials"Mike is one of the beacons of the expat community in China. He is very personable, competent and intelligent.
I have always enjoyed working and socializing with Mike and his team."

Helmut M.

Nick O - Client Testimonials

"I have worked with Mike in servicing a mutual customer of ours and have found him very professional and easy to deal with. They have been able to clear up an otherwise complicated China Business issue for me and removed a lot of the confusion surrounding the, at times complicated, Chinese business processes."

Nick O.

USA Flag - Bridge to Asia Law - Client Testimonial"As a brand new business women opening her own retail shop in the US, talking with ABL’s Mike Bellamy gave me direction, and valuable information on my sourcing journey. He is kind, available, prompt, and a very good communicator. I would recommend any one to work with his company who needs sourcing help."

Lisa H.

Britain Flag (UK) - Bridge to Asia Law - Client Testimonials“While our funds were ultimately not recovered in full. We appreciate the efforts made on our behalf by the ABL team and would still recommend them if you need help in China. We received poor quality products and ABL had to deal with a very devious Chinese lady who owned the factory. Perhaps if I had engaged ABL for business advisory services before I sent money to the supplier, I may not have ended up in the trap. But I think ABL for trying their best to recover funds.

Many thanks.”

Michael K.
BritishRetained AsiaBridge Law for Loss Recovery Services

Eric H - Client Testimonials - Asia Bridge Law

"I found your resources not simply informative, but entertaining.
Well done."


Eric H.

Lina B. - Client Testimonials"I got a great advice about production and the business world in China."


Lina B.
Fashion Business OwnerHong Kong

Gregory D - Client Testimonials

"Mr. Bellamy (AsiaBridge Law’s advisory board member) provided me with excellent advice on small product development services. He is a leader in his industry in his part of the world."

Gregory D.

Poland Flag - Bridge to Asia Law - Client Testimonial"I participated – actively – in a lecture by ABL’s Michael Bellamy on China Business. It is my business for a couple of years too, and I can recognize if a guy has to say something on the subject or not. He really had. Like Michael, I also (try to) study Chinese and I know, plenty of misunderstandings in China stem from different perception of the world, which in turn is defined by language patterns. Because Michael really seems to master this language, I believe he could be invaluable in interfacing an Occidental customer with a Chinese supplier. Even the sample contracts he distributed during the lecture prove – in my opinion – his DEEP understanding of the Chinese spirit."

Witlold G.

USA Flag - Retained AsiaBridge Law for Loss Recovery Services“I contacted Asia Bridge Law after receiving a large number of defective goods from a supplier in China. Right from the start, they were very knowledgeable, offering different options as well as great advice on how to resolve my issue. While a communication problem did arise, the matter was acknowledged and corrected immediately, which speaks volumes to the integrity of their company. In the end, ABL was able to achieve my desired outcome of a refund from the supplier for the defective goods. I feel fortunate to have found a law firm that worked so hard with my best interest in mind. My experience with Asia Bridge Law was excellent and I highly recommend them.”

Kim D.
USARetained AsiaBridge Law for Loss Recovery Services

Ravi K - Client Testimonial

"Thank you very much for your willingness to help, and for all the wonderful suggestions and recommendations you made in response to my recent question regarding doing business with China – I certainly appreciate it. I will keep in mind several options you have suggested the next time around, and for routine business as well.

I very much enjoyed your presentations at the Global Sources expos in Hong Kong, and hope to see you again in Autumn."

Ravi K.

Dr Neale O - Client Testimonial

"Your information and resources provided are excellent – puts the content in a lot of MBA courses/programs to shame!"


Dr. Neale O.
University ProfessorHK & Australia

Omar P

If you’re looking to hire a speaker, consultant, and/or business coach to help grow the potential of your business in China, I encourage you to contact Mike Bellamy. As someone who’s studied China for more than a year and traveled in country to study business following the completion of my JD/MBA, Mike is an absolute fantastic resource. If you’re fed up with middlemen & poorly run factories distorting pricing, failing to control quality and allowing intellectual property (IP) to be knocked off, do something about it…talk to Mike!

Omar P.

Graham S - Client Testimonials

"In an earlier career I worked with the team at ABL. Mike in particular really knows the ins and outs of China sourcing and is an incredible resource to those interested in doing business in China. Mike really understands both the technical and cultural sides of China sourcing and is an amazing advisor/mentor to others with less experience in the field. It is very obvious that his 18+ years of experience on the ground, sourcing in China have given him a ton of first-hand knowledge of how things really work in China. Mike has incredible organizational and managerial abilities, and he is equally good at both doing and teaching sourcing."

Graham S.
USA & Philippines

Austrailia Flag - Bridge to Asia Law - Client Testimonials"Hi Mike. I saw your present in Melbourne at the Sourcing Expo. By far the best presentation and sharing of information I’ve ever seen. You’re my new hero. I’m working my way through your Youtube channel and slides etc. Thank you so much for sharing."

Jillian C.

USA Flag - Bridge to Asia Law - Client Testimonials"ABL’s Michael Bellamy is an extremely intelligent person with a lot of experience to offer. He is extremely efficient and easy to contact. With his deep knowledge of China business, he is a person anyone interested in China law and business should try to contact and learn from."

Lisa Y.

USA Flag - Bridge to Asia Law - Client Testimonial"Thanks so much. I am placing an order this week and I will use a few of your suggestions. Much appreciated. I really was not expecting to learn as much as I did from you. Sharing your experiences was very helpful."

Andy H.

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