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Frequently Asked Questions

How Are Legal Fees Kept Low?


Quotes from AsiaBridge Law are not based on the perceived depth of our client’s pockets. The fixed pricing structure applies to all clients regardless of industry, size, sex or nationality.

AsiaBridge Law leverages scale to offer clients a lower rate than if the client was invoiced direct from the local lawyers, while providing a superior customer service experience.

AsiaBridge Law is a Hong Kong registered company benefiting from HK’s tax exempt status when providing services to clients outside of HK.  As such, for tax reasons, AsiaBridge Law is unable to provide services to HK based entities and individuals.  In those cases, arrangements can be made for services to be provided by our PRC based partners rather than via AsiaBridge Law.

AsiaBridge Law’s paralegals, support staff and the lawyers in our network all work remotely, we don’t have fancy offices or even a traditional boardroom!  Rather than waste money on physical infrastructure, we choose to invest in systems and staff.

How Are Legal Projects Managed?

AsiaBridge Law compliments local lawyers with international project management.  Our paralegals are bilingual Asians or Westerners working remotely from various locations around the world. They coordinate local lawyers on behalf of the client and provide account management to our clients in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Russian and other major languages.

Account Manager (AM)/ Paralegal

  • Responsible for overall project performance.
  • Client’s primary point of contact. Communications between the client and AM take place in English or other languages upon request.
  • Coordinated the efforts of the local attorneys and other support staff.

Primary Legal Counsel (PLC)/ Local Lawyers

  • Structures the project gates and performs the “heavy lifting” on the project.
  • While communications among the Client, PLC and AM are managed by the AM, the identities of all parties will be made transparent for the client. Legal opinion is provided by the PLC. Neither ABL nor its officers, employees or sales associates provide legal representation or legal advice directly to the client.
How Are Communications Handled?

Challenge: Asian lawyers fluent in European languages are few and far between. Bilingual lawyers charge a premium, yet a command of a foreign language is not an indication of a local lawyer’s legal skills.  Sadly, most local lawyers are not trained in the Western concepts of customer service and project management.

Solution: Rather than focus on language skills, lawyers in our network are selected for the right mix of professionalism, honesty and affordability. The language & project management barriers are overcome through the use of translators and paralegals who coordinate the lawyers on behalf of the AsiaBridge Law clients while providing account management in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Russian and other major languages (as available at any given time).

Expectations: While the above solution provides affordable legal support in the language of the client, it is important to note that due to language and time zone issues, the system typically requires 24 to 48 hours for the client- paralegal- lawyer-paralegal-client communication cycle.

The vast majority of projects can be completed on schedule without the need for daily communications between AsiaBridge Law and Client.  Shorter communication cycles can be arranged, but expedite or OT fees would be applicable. AsiaBridge Law clients place professionalism and affordability over speed.

Communications are conducted, almost exclusively between the paralegal and the client via email and the occasional conference call.  As the lawyers/paralegals/translators & other support staff all work remotely and speak different languages, it is not realistic that face-to-face meeting can be arranged without the need to invoice the client for transportation to the meeting point, translation services and time away from the office.   However, AsiaBridge Law utilizes cutting edge, secure, online project management software to ensure smooth communication and efficient delivery of services among the various team members and clients who are located around the world.   As such, email communications and the occasional conference call are more than sufficient.

Rate Sheet / Contact Us

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