Copyright Registration

Copyright Registration | Copyrights in China: Protecting your Intellectual Property (IP)
Copyright Registration | Copyrights in China: Protecting your Intellectual Property (IP)

Are you looking for help with Copyright Registration in Asia? Lawyers in the AsiaBridge Law network can arrange registration of copyrights in most parts of Asia. Read on to learn more.

As the number of copyright registration in China make up the majority of projects orchestrated by AsiaBridge Law on behalf of clients, here is an overview of the process in China in particular.

Procedure for Copyright Registration in China

  1. Search the government database to ensure the IP is not already registered by another party.
  2. Organize the technical translations and prepare all documents.
  3. Fill in “Work Registration Form and Rights Guarantee” (WRF&RG) and pay government registration department fees.
  4. Submit documents to relevant bureaus. Having received WRF&RG file, the registration department will take up around one month to examine the WRF&RG and formally accept the application if they deem the application forms filled out properly.
  5. Follow the application and update client as the application moves through the various bureaus.  After formal review, National Copyright Bureau will issue “Registration Certificate” to applications that comply with registration conditions. Upon issuance of certificate, it will be publicly announced that the copyright has been officially registered. At this point the IP is protected at a national level.

Documents Required for Copyright Registration

  1. Various application forms.
    - The latest revision will be collected by AsiaBridge Law on client’s behalf.
  2. Identity of the copyright holders.
    - Suggested documents may include:  Copy of identity document signed by the client/ Copy of business registration certificate or other related document of corporation/ Copy of identity of the inheritor (if the holder is the heir of the original IP holder)/ Copy of contract of commissioned works (if the work is done by a sub-contractor)/ Agreement or contract of collaboration and identity of collaborators (when there are more than two owners of the IP)
  3. Definition of the item to be copyrighted.
    - This may include: Copy of cover and copyright page of the work/ Part of language entries of the work or copy or stylebook of the whole scripture/ Content of the work/ Copy or photo of the original art work or photographs; packet, photo or copy of movies, television works, or audio and video works/ Copy of contract of exclusive use permission.
    - AsiaBridge Law will advise client on the appropriate supporting documents for client’s particular case.
  4. Statement of item to be copyrighted.
    - This may include: Introduction of works (including word count if a language entry)/ Process and originality of works/ Time of completion and whether being completed singly/ Publication of the work or not and the form of publication. If not published, when and in what form to be published.
  5. Power of attorney

Copyright Registration Time Frame

The total procedure depends on the project scope and national holidays, but the average project takes at three to six months from the time the application is submitted to the point where the IP is protected.

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