Monitoring IPR & Contract Terms - (Intellectual Property Rights)

Monitoring IPR
Monitoring IPR

Are you looking to start better monitoring IPR & contract terms with the companies you do business with? If so, here are some common concerns that companies often have and how to solve them.

Concerns When Monitoring IPR & Contract Terms

  1. How to monitor that my IP rights are not being violated?
  2. How to discreetly keep an eye on things to ensure contract terms are respected?

If this is you, then read below. AsiaBridge Law has a solution for your company for Monitoring IPR & Contract Terms.


At periodic times during the year, AsiaBridge Law’s multilingual investigators will:

  • look for infringement at the local and global level (online/ offline marketplaces & trade shows)
  • carefully review the websites and online profiles of the target entity
  • discreetly contact the subject companies
  • monitor the patent office for the registration of competing patents

For security reasons the full list of monitoring method is not made public on our website. AsiaBridge Law’s affordable and effective techniques can be disclosed to the client in private.

Visit the rate sheet for service fees.

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