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The China Business, Law & Sourcing Library's white papers, video tutorials and mini-courses have been curated by AsiaBridge Law Advisory Board Member, Mike Bellamy on an exclusive basis.

About the Author: Michael J. Bellamy

About Mike

Originally from Upstate New York, Mike Bellamy moved to Asia in 1993 and is a China business advisor to both Fortune 500 companies and small businesses.  Recognized as an expert on China sourcing, he has been interviewed by WSJ, CNBC, FT & Bloomberg.

A featured presenter on China business issues at seminars, trade shows and corporate events across the globe, Mike is the author of “The Essential Reference Guide to China Sourcing” (available on Amazon). (toggle arrow to read more)

Mike founded a boutique sourcing agency in China with 1 employee working out of his small apartment back in 2002.  That business grew quickly and during their best year Mike’s team was responsible for managing a 200 million USD supply chain (per annum) of goods flowing from China to the world on behalf of his clients at the PassageMaker Group.

He received a double degree in Diplomacy and Economics from the American University in Washington DC and went on to gain an International MBA from the University of South Carolina. Mike spent two years as a Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholar researching Japanese factory management & quality control in Tokyo and Osaka.

Before launching his business, Mike studied Chinese in Harbin & Beijing in the 1990’s. He currently spends Spring/Fall in Shenzhen, Winters in Thailand & Summers at the family cottage in the Finger Lakes region of New York State.  Mike is married & has two daughters.

Mike Bellamy is recognized as an expert on China sourcing, he has been interviewed by WSJ, CNBC, FT & Bloomberg.

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