Realistic Clauses in the Bilingual Contract

Realistic clauses help you to get support from Chinese courts

By AsiaBridge Law / January 28, 2021

  Learn how realistic clauses helps you to get support from the Chinese court.  When your Chinese attorney drafts a bilingual contract for sourcing products in China, it is important to include how to address the imperative terms in the agreement when there’s a breach of contract happening. Here’s an example situation of how the…

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Hallmarks to Secure a Good Bilingual Contract in China

Hallmarks to Secure a Good Bilingual Contract in China

By AsiaBridge Law / January 15, 2021

There’s really no excuse for not having a bilingual contract in China and these are the hallmarks of a good contract. Preparing a quality bilingual contract is likely to increase confidence in the process as you are protecting your rights and needs. It is most certainly a way of ensuring both parties understand and agree…

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Small buyer, high risk & E-buyer beware! Don't fall into a scam trap!

Small buyer, high risk & E-buyer beware! Don’t fall into a scam trap!

By AsiaBridge Law / October 14, 2020

When is it likely that you will fall into a scam trap? You’re highly likely to fall into a scam trap if you meet the criteria as a small buyer or an e-buyer.  So if this describes you, be very careful. Two types of common buyers that fall into a scam trap: You’re a small…

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What are the two types of Scams?

Be wary of these two types of scams when sourcing in China

By AsiaBridge Law / October 1, 2020

I’d like to share the various types of scams that you might possibly encounter if you are not vigilant. Even in this pandemic, other people might take advantage of the situation. This new series of blog articles will help you be aware and how to avoid these types of scams in China. Actually, China offers…

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China Supplier Contracts & Negotiations: PO vs Contract vs NDA - Part 1

China Supplier Contracts & Negotiations: PO vs Contract vs NDA – Part 1

By AsiaBridge Law / September 25, 2020

Are you researching how to set up a China Supplier Contracts?  Looking for strategies for the negotiations? In this article, I’d like to share some of the best practices and common pitfalls I have learned while spending 20 years living in Asia around dealing with China supplier contracts. You probably are clear on the concept…

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How to select a lawyer when doing business in China: Part 1

By Mike / December 8, 2017

Introduction to how to select a lawyer when doing business in China Are you planning to invest in China? Are you buying from China? Wanna sell to China? Regardless which group you fall into, you probably already realize that there are major differences between the legal system in China and back home. To emphasize this…

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Managing Quality when sourcing from China

Managing Quality When Sourcing From China: Tips & Best Practices

By Mike / June 21, 2017

Are you looking at the best ways in managing quality when sourcing from China? Read some of our tips and best practices… Are you looking at the best ways in managing quality when sourcing from China? Read some of our tips and best practices… Can high-quality affordable goods be “Made in China”? We have all…

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AsiaBridge Law - Engaging Lawyers in Asia | starting a business in china

4 Simple Ways to Protect yourself in the New Year

By Mike / January 6, 2014

It’s a new year and new scams are on the rise.  Make sure you’re prepared. An English speaking Chinese lawyer explains the best ways protect yourself in China Be sure to register your IP.  China recognizes IP if it’s registered in China and not if it’s on the market or already registered in your home…

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drawing contract

Be Smart, not Sorry, when Drawing up Contracts

By Mike / July 7, 2013

China Business Law: Behind the scenes with an English Speaking Chinese Lawyer This morning, I spoke with a client. He said he needs a simple supply contract to use for his sourcing business in China. I sent him a checklist, so that he can let me know what he expects the contract to specify. He…

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Are Bilingual Contracts Necessary?

By Mike / March 25, 2013

Bilingual Chinese Lawyer Answers: “Are Bilingual Contracts Necessary?” After our presentation regarding the importance of bilingual contracts at the Hong Kong sourcing fair hosted by Global Sources, some clients wrote me asking more about bilingual contracts. A few clients wanted to know, “Do you really think Bilingual contracts are necessary?” I understand clients’ concerns. We’re…

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