How To Enforce Your Rights

By Mia Navarez / July 28, 2022

Here is how we answered a question about how to enforce your rights when your found out that the supplier is knocking you off. As the answer is applicable to a wide range of products, I decided to blog about the Q&A. Question about how to enforce your rights: In my previous blog, we are…

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What pressure can the court in China apply to help you recover funds?

How can the court in China apply pressure to help you recover money?

By AsiaBridge Law / August 28, 2020

  You won the court case but the loser hasn’t paid you the court appointed damages. What pressure can the court in China apply to help you recover funds? Have you won a court case in China recently but the losing party won’t pay the court appointed damages? If yes, then this article is for…

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How to motivate a non-responsive supplier?

By Mike / June 3, 2015

When is the best time to initiate a legal course of action? (motivate a non-responsive supplier) Below is a typical case for reference if you are considering legal action against a Chinese entity to motivate a non-responsive supplier. I am in the middle of collaborating with a Chinese company which is located in Dalian China. …

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registering trademark china

3 Protections Registering Your Trademark in China Will Grant You.

By Mike / October 31, 2013

If you are reading this blog, then you know by now that you must register your trademark in China to get any real legal protection in China. But you my be asking what specific protection can be expected? According to the revised Trademark Law, implemented in 2013: An English Speaking Chinese lawyer gives 3 tips…

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Are Bilingual Contracts Necessary?

By Mike / March 25, 2013

Bilingual Chinese Lawyer Answers: “Are Bilingual Contracts Necessary?” After our presentation regarding the importance of bilingual contracts at the Hong Kong sourcing fair hosted by Global Sources, some clients wrote me asking more about bilingual contracts. A few clients wanted to know, “Do you really think Bilingual contracts are necessary?” I understand clients’ concerns. We’re…

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How to protect your IPR while doing business in China

By Mike / March 20, 2013

How can we protect our Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) effectively in China? Q&A with Sophie:  An English Speaking Lawyer in China One of my clients asked me a question today that I believe is a common concern, so I thought I should blog about it.   The following are are the key points from my…

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