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Are different skill sets required for sourcing vs inspection?

By Mia Navarez / October 19, 2022

Here is how we answered a question about what is the main difference in the skill sets required for sourcing and inspection? As the answer is applicable to a wide range of products, I decided to blog about the Q&A. Question about the main difference in the skill sets required for sourcing and inspection: Does…

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Can my Chinese supplier deliver to my potential customer in China?

By AsiaBridge Law / February 21, 2021

  Let’s say you have developed a great supplier in China that ships affordable products, on time at the agreed quality level. You are aware that the Chinese domestic market is full of potential customers.   If you want to explore the opportunity to leverage your Chinese supply chain to capture China-based customers, then this…

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By AsiaBridge Law / February 18, 2021

NDA vs NNN. What’s the difference? Which is better when buying from China? Short Answer: NNN stands for “Non-disclosure, Non-compete, Non-circumvention” and is a more robust version of the traditional NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)”.  Simply put, the NDA is a promise that “they won’t tell anybody outside their organization about the idea”.  The NNN adds more layers of…

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Cooperation with China Supplier

Setting the Right Tone for Cooperation with China Suppliers

By AsiaBridge Law / February 17, 2021

  Many foreign buyers have struggled with their cooperation with the China supplier. If you are among them, you’ve probably looking for a guide or tips to improve your cooperation with the China Supplier. For today’s blog post, I thought I would share four advanced, yet simple, tactics that I have used to ensure there…

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Factory Audits & Product Inspections

Quality Control: Factory Audits & Product Inspections

By AsiaBridge Law / February 15, 2021

  Audits and Inspections Overview In this post, you will find the standard factory audits and product inspections as an essential part of the quality control when sourcing products from China regardless of the order volume. Only a naïve, new-to-China buyers would ever make final payment without inspecting the order before it leaves China.  Some…

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