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Red Flag Alert: A Product Portfolio that makes Jeff Bezos jealous!

By AsiaBridge Law / December 1, 2020

Look at the product portfolio on the supplier’s website landing page.  They’ve got a snowmobile, Segway, jet skis, bicycles, motorcycles, and even more variety when you look deeper.  Come on!  Not even Mitsubishi, Sony, General Electric, Philips, and Ericson combined have this type of product portfolio. So something is very fishy here.   Most likely, it’s…

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Why do the scam artists target small scale foreign buyers?

Why do the scam artists target small scale foreign buyers?

By AsiaBridge Law / November 16, 2020

Let’s talk about why the scam artists target the small scale foreign buyers.  It’s pretty simple. They’re easy to find. There’re so many buyers online: eBay power sellers, people that have a small eBay store, or some online store back home and they buy ten units of this, 20 units of that.  There’re so many…

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Truth about sourcing famous brands in China, not all Apples are equal

Truth about sourcing famous brands in China, not all Apples are equal

By AsiaBridge Law / October 27, 2020

The truth about famous international brands. If it’s fashion or electronics, please realize two things. Various major brands including apple manufacture their goods in China as it is cheaper there. This may lead the buyer to think that one can get products at a cheaper rate from China but it is not true. China suppliers that…

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Small buyer, high risk & E-buyer beware! Don't fall into a scam trap!

Small buyer, high risk & E-buyer beware! Don’t fall into a scam trap!

By AsiaBridge Law / October 14, 2020

When is it likely that you will fall into a scam trap? You’re highly likely to fall into a scam trap if you meet the criteria as a small buyer or an e-buyer.  So if this describes you, be very careful. Two types of common buyers that fall into a scam trap: You’re a small…

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What are the two types of Scams?

Be wary of these two types of scams when sourcing in China

By AsiaBridge Law / October 1, 2020

I’d like to share the various types of scams that you might possibly encounter if you are not vigilant. Even in this pandemic, other people might take advantage of the situation. This new series of blog articles will help you be aware and how to avoid these types of scams in China. Actually, China offers…

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AsiaBridge Law - Engaging Lawyers in Asia | starting a business in china

How to Do Due Diligence on Chinese Suppliers?

By Mike / April 20, 2017

Often I’m asked about how to do due diligence on Chinese Suppliers and how to be sure it’s safe to do business in China. How do I know if it is it safe to do business with this supplier? Are there ways to tell if this seller is legit? Is it a good factory to…

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AsiaBridge Law - Engaging Lawyers in Asia | starting a business in china

4 Simple Ways to Protect yourself in the New Year

By Mike / January 6, 2014

It’s a new year and new scams are on the rise.  Make sure you’re prepared. An English speaking Chinese lawyer explains the best ways protect yourself in China Be sure to register your IP.  China recognizes IP if it’s registered in China and not if it’s on the market or already registered in your home…

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AsiaBridge Law - Engaging Lawyers in Asia | starting a business in china

Too good to be true, rings true, whether buying or selling in China

By Mike / June 19, 2013

  When I wrote blogs about protecting yourself while sourcing in China, I got a call from an overseas client who was trying to sell his wine to China.  He told me he would fly to China to sign a contract with his buyer.  The buyer approached the company selling in China and asked to…

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Don’t Be Fooled By a Local Partner

By Mike / March 27, 2013

Chinese don’t trust other Chinese that they don’t know.  Why are foreigners so trusting? Asks an English Speaking Chinese Lawyer Doing business in China is not easy. However, a local partner may help you navigate the Chinese business landscape easier. With a good partner you won’t have to worry about most of the headaches that come…

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buyers beware of double diligence

Buyers Beware –Double Diligence

By Mike / March 22, 2013

Tip from an English Speaking Lawyer in China:  Buyer Beware! Double the Due Diligence when doing business in China! Fraud is always a concern when doing international business; but only sometimes does it actually reveal itself.  We say, double your diligence before you pay. A couple days ago, a buyer voiced a  complaint to me.…

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