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VAT Leak in China Manufacturing: Planning for Value Added Tax Rebate

VAT Leak in China Manufacturing: Planning for Value Added Tax Rebate

By AsiaBridge Law / March 7, 2020

  In an earlier post on the Chinese Value Added Tax (VAT) system we raised the subject of a “VAT Leak” and talked about the need to pay close attention to the VAT rebate, especially when consolidating freight from multiple suppliers in China.  Here is an excerpt: Why is it important to understand the VAT…

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Coronavirus & VAT in 2020: “In times like these…” Mark Twain answers

Coronavirus & VAT in 2020: “In times like these…” Mark Twain answers

By AsiaBridge Law / March 5, 2020

“In times like these, it is important to remember there have always been times like these”. – Mark Twain China Sourcing, Coronavirus & Value Added Tax (VAT) in 2020 In this blog post, we will answer the following questions: Why is it important to understand the VAT system in China if you source made-in-China products?…

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How the VAT Rebate System works in China manufacturing

China’s Value Added Tax System: How to navigate VAT and negotiate a price when sourcing

By AsiaBridge Law / February 27, 2020

China’s Value Added Tax (VAT): How to navigate the system and negotiate with suppliers like a pro  Buying in China? Complexities of the Value Added Tax System China’s Value Added Tax (VAT) and VAT Rebate system is complex and very confusing.  But if you are buying from China, understanding the basics of how the system…

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Trademarks Protecting your Intellectual Property

5 Essential Questions on Trademarks Protecting your Intellectual Property IP

By AsiaBridge Law / November 23, 2019

Concise answers to 5 strategic questions about Trademarks Protecting your Intellectual Property. Additional links provided with info on Trademarks in China.

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Too good to be true, rings true, whether buying or selling in China

By Mike / June 19, 2013

  When I wrote blogs about protecting yourself while sourcing in China, I got a call from an overseas client who was trying to sell his wine to China.  He told me he would fly to China to sign a contract with his buyer.  The buyer approached the company selling in China and asked to…

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Are Bilingual Contracts Necessary?

By Mike / March 25, 2013

Bilingual Chinese Lawyer Answers: “Are Bilingual Contracts Necessary?” After our presentation regarding the importance of bilingual contracts at the Hong Kong sourcing fair hosted by Global Sources, some clients wrote me asking more about bilingual contracts. A few clients wanted to know, “Do you really think Bilingual contracts are necessary?” I understand clients’ concerns. We’re…

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