Trademarks Protecting your Intellectual Property

5 Essential Questions on Trademarks Protecting your Intellectual Property IP

By AsiaBridge Law / November 23, 2019

Concise answers to 5 strategic questions about Trademarks Protecting your Intellectual Property. Additional links provided with info on Trademarks in China.

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Trademark Longevity in the PRC

By Mike / January 20, 2014

After a year and half, our client’s trademark was finally granted by the Trademark Office in Beijing. The client asked me: “Do you have any guidance on requirements for usage and requirements for ongoing maintenance?” Good question. It occurred to me that this is something important for people to know about, after they tried so…

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AsiaBridge Law - Engaging Lawyers in Asia | starting a business in china

4 Simple Ways to Protect yourself in the New Year

By Mike / January 6, 2014

It’s a new year and new scams are on the rise.  Make sure you’re prepared. An English speaking Chinese lawyer explains the best ways protect yourself in China Be sure to register your IP.  China recognizes IP if it’s registered in China and not if it’s on the market or already registered in your home…

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3 Protections Registering Your Trademark in China Will Grant You.

By Mike / October 31, 2013

If you are reading this blog, then you know by now that you must register your trademark in China to get any real legal protection in China. But you my be asking what specific protection can be expected? According to the revised Trademark Law, implemented in 2013: An English Speaking Chinese lawyer gives 3 tips…

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PRC Releases New Trademark Amendment, Violators Face Fines: ~500K USD

By Mike / September 16, 2013

The Year China Finally Got Serious about Trademarks.   China was known as a knock off nation, but now that Chinese companies finally have Intellectual Property of their own, it is no surprise that the central authorities are taking measures to protect their home grown intellectual property. In June of 2013, China moved into first…

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