300 pages of sourcing strategies, templates, procedures, checklists and best practices perfected during the author's 20 years as the general manager of a successful sourcing agency in China. In the short video below, author and CSIC founder, Mike Bellamy introduces himself and explains why he wrote the guidebook.


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Book Reviews

Mike’s book is exhaustive – I refer back to it regularly ...

My wife and I purchased Mike’s book, initially after having seen a number of his video’s on YouTube. Being new to e-commerce and importing from China there is a lot to learn, and there are plenty of stories out there of businesses who have been burned with poor experiences of buying in China – we did not want to be among those stories and felt educating ourselves and doing as much due diligence as possible was the best way to start.


Mike’s book is exhaustive – I refer back to it regularly depending on the stage of sourcing we are going through. Even though we are using the support of a professional sourcing agent, I am finding the book extremely useful. The templates, and advice about English/Chinese documents are gold. You would be hard-pressed to need information on a particular topic and not be able to find what you are looking for in the book. We have found it excellent value for money.


As a side-note, the templates can only be purchased direct from Mike’s website, and not from amazon. It is absolutely worth getting the templates (which are frequently referred to in the book). We also purchased the book direct from the author’s website,  s Amazon charges authors up to 60% commission to sell through their platform. It does not sit well with us from a values perspective to let a big company make the lion’s share of profit from another person’s hard work! ~ Ryan U.

Just finished reading this Masterpiece!

Concrete real world guidance

I really enjoyed this book by Mike Bellamy. I am a huge fan of his literature & all the great work that I feel he has accomplished and continue to accomplish being a westerner (New Yorker) in China. If you currently source or do business with/in china you know that it is by far not an easy act. I am truly appreciative of Mike to be so transparent and genuine in sharing the wealth of knowledge he has acquired over the years from his own direct hands-on experience and hard work.


I have had this book for about 3 years (although I wish I had come across it earlier) and till today I find myself frequently referring back, relating and applying the material covered in this book in my own china sourcing. I bring it along with me to China on all my trips. I find it to be a great asset to my collection of books as it's full of real-world practical information and examples. In my opinion the book is easy to read and high in value. If one was to acquire the amount of information covered in this book on their own, I feel you could easily spend 5-10+ years of trials and tribulations. I personally believe you will gain insight regardless if you are in the novice or professional stage.


On my last venture to Hong Kong, I had the opportunity to meet Mike and his fellow associates in person at the global sources trade show. I was delighted to have Mike autograph my personal copy of the book. I found that his nature, persona in real life were very sincere and complemented his character which I envisioned while reading the book. I would like to thank Mike for the sound advice and for the privilege to meet with some of his team members and associates. Meeting and breaking bread with Charles and Prof. Neale was grand. Cheers for your commitment to doing great work. ~Gurnik S.

A must read

This book was amazing. It's a must read for anyone who has or wants to source from China. I first heard Mike Bellamy speak a few years back at a Global Sources event in Miami. He was very informative so I stayed after for his Q&A then left with his card which is what lead me to purchase this Guide book.


I experienced a few bad trades with China which threw me out of the industry. However, I'm now back in the game and reading this material has increased my confidence. It's common to make mistakes but this book is definitely designed to scale those risks down. I'm visiting China soon so I especially enjoyed the chapter that teaches you how to identify a good supplier. I will be applying all of his "tips" during my visits. I recently purchased the book at USD $162 before the price dropped to $58 but the templates themselves more than pay for the price!

~ Rebecca G.

Excellent book on sourcing from China

I purchased this book when I started considering the possibility of sourcing low-cost tablets from China for a social enterprise named Learning Yogi whose objective is to distribute low-cost Android tablets containing educational games to extremely underprivileged children in India and other developing countries.


As a complete novice in this field, I was extremely impressed with the level of detail provided in the book on each step in the sourcing process. In addition, the different templates that are included in the book (for technical supplier evaluations, purchase orders, quality control, factory audits etc.) are alone worth the cost of the book.


I also appreciated the hundreds of practical tips that Mike provides throughout the book on different aspects of the sourcing process.


Although this book is primarily meant for clients looking to source from China, it should be useful for people who are sourcing from anywhere in Asia.


If you are a novice like me and have never sourced anything from China, this is the book that you should buy before doing anything else. ~ Sumantra R.

Full of useful, practical advice that can be used immediately.

Having worked as a designer and manufacturer with furniture and hardware suppliers in China over the last 7 years I'd highly recommend Mike's book. As I was reading it I found myself nodding in agreement with a lot of what he said, as well as learning a lot about issues I haven't yet had to deal with - all of which Mike covers in great detail. This is one of those books where literally every page is full of useful, grounded, real world information. It also contains a lot of checklists and templates and drills down from the high level ("Engaging Potential Suppliers" and "Defective Product Management") into as much detail as you would ever want ("Handling Business Cards" and "Factory Visit Logistics").


Anyone who thinks that dealing with suppliers in China is a walk in the park and that they will walk out with the product they want at a great price is kidding themselves. This book helps navigate and eliminate the potential problems that can arise from any sourcing project in China.


On my most recent visit to China I met with Mike and some of his team and was impressed with their service offering and outlook. They clearly know exactly what they are talking about.


Highly recommended. ~ Matt C.


Most business books you will usually only read once and pass it on to a friend, but this book is a business tool just a book. It will be used as a constant reference point to enhance and develop your business. It actually helps you run your business and provides solutions to real life problems. 

It is a practical guide that you can reach for when you are uncertain and require assistance, it’s amazing and really works.



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